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Pavilion at Pearce’s Farm Stand

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Public Comment

October 4, 2020

RE:  University of Chicago’s proposed amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to rezone 8.7 acres of virgin wood and lakefront from Public/Institutional to Private/Residential.

  1. I urge you to postpone any public hearing on this matter until the threat of COVID is past.

The most recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rank Wisconsin third (3rd) in the nation of total new cases.  The New York Times calls it an “uncontrolled outbreak”; while the Wall Street Journal reports that the surge that started on college campuses has now spread throughout communities.

How can you, in good conscience, ask people to come out and attend a public meeting now?  It’s not fair, it’s not responsible, and it’s not being a good steward of the public’s trust in you as leaders and representatives.

  1. I urge you to be transparent and scrupulous in all proceedings. It is apparent that much of the decision-making has and is happening behind closed doors.  It is not right to present a previously prepared and internally agreed upon package to the public.  Because the decision you make – the vote you cast – is on a matter of great importance to our community, we deserve to be part of the conversation.  According to Wisconsin Public Records Law Compliance Guide: Wisconsin’s open government laws promote democracy by ensuring that all state, regional and local governments conduct their business with transparency. Wisconsin citizens have a right to know how their government is spending their tax dollars and exercising the powers granted by the people.
  2. To board members who are new to the community, I ask you to do some research on our cultural heritage and the significance of our open lands to this community’s identity and value as a tourist destination. The requested amendment to our comprehensive plan is not business as usual.  This is not Chicago and we are not interested in becoming another Lake Geneva.  If you are not a tree-lover, a nature-lover, or a clean water-lover, then this is not the place for you.

I encourage you to attend my presentation AT RISK: Recreation Hot Spots and the Negative Consequences of Landscape Change for the Williams Bay Business Association on Thursday, October 8 at 8:30 a.m. at Pier 290.

  1. Finally, in the numerous comments I have received from the public, when describing the land in question, one word shows up repeatedly. I have included it here along with its definition as reminder to you of the significance of this land to the people you represent.

preciousan object, substance, or resource of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Johnson

Williams Bay

Remember, this is about you, our community and our legacy. 
It’s up to us to save this land and we can do it!