STOWL has formed a new organization:  Williams Bay Association for Land Preservation.

WBALP advocates for the preservation of undeveloped, and environmentally and historically significant land for our community’s health and heritage.

We fear that the entire woodland surrounding the Observatory campus, including Frost Wood and the golf course will be subject to rezoning for private development, forever changing the land-scape of west Williams Bay.

The Amendment of our Comprehensive Plan allowing a rezone of the 8.7 acres wood and lakefront property from Public/Institutional to Private/Residential has not been approved by the Village Board.  Before it can be voted on there must be a public hearing.  A public hearing cannot occur until the threat of COVID is over.  We would like to have a series of public meetings with a panel of experts who can satisfy all our questions about how the landscape will change and how these proposed changes will affect Williams Bay’s long-range goals.

We believe there are better options for this land to be explored and that it is not the will, nor in the best interest of the residents of Williams Bay to lose this land to private development.   If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please read on and connect with us.

Please join us in our efforts – sign our Direct Legislation Petition now.